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Why Choose Lighthouse Metrics China?

Reduce Score Variability and optimize your site's performance in China.

The performance of your website in China is highly dependent on its location. Consider this example: a comparison between the reports generated by PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse cli in China, using the same setup:

Lighthouse Metrics Score Variability

Unlike commonly available lighthouse metrics tools online, Lighthouse Metrics China delivers precise and direct results tailored to Chrome PageSpeed. Our exceptional tool conducts page analysis within the Great Firewall of China, guaranteeing that your metrics remain unaffected by China's Firewall. Furthermore, we provide raw reports generated by the lighthouse cli.

At 21YunBox, we heavily rely on Lighthouse Metrics China to monitor our users' website performance within the Great Firewall of China. Now, we are thrilled to make this powerful tool available to the public. If you are seeking comprehensive lighthouse metrics for your website in China, Lighthouse Metrics China is your ultimate solution.

Lighthouse Metrics Score Variability

In China, website performance metrics are significantly impacted:

  • First Contentful Paint (FCP) is 2 times worse.
  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is 3 times worse.
  • Total Blocking Time (TBT) is approximately 10 times worse.
  • Speed Index is about 3 times worse.

These statistics highlight the importance of optimizing website performance specifically for the Chinese market. By utilizing Lighthouse Metrics China, you can effectively address these performance challenges and ensure a smooth user experience for your website visitors in China.

The Lighthouse report shows the warning "The page loaded too slowly to finish within the time limit. Results may be incomplete." What does this mean?

The page loaded too slowly to finish within the time limit. Results may be incomplete.

You might think your site loads fine in your browser. But the Lighthouse report you genereated may not show complete results because the test is being run from inside of mainland China. The Great Firewall can block or slow down some requests, which can affect the results of the report.

If you think the report is inaccurate, you can try running it multiple times or at different times of day to get a better average. Once you're confident that your site is not loading fast enough in China, you can check out the solutions below to help you improve its performance.

Make Your Website Thrive in China: Essential Steps

The key to making your website succeed in China is to host it within the Great Firewall of China. By doing so, every visitor from China will experience optimal speed and performance. To achieve this, the Chinese government has established 5 obligations that companies must fulfill when launching their websites. One crucial requirement is obtaining an ICP license to legally host your site in China.

If this process seems overwhelming, don't worry. Contact us for a complimentary consultation call, where we'll guide you through the steps to ensure your website works seamlessly in China while maintaining full compliance.

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Unblock Blocked Sites in China: The Solution

The Great Firewall of China operates with regularly updated rules that monitor webpages and domain names for specific keywords or phrases. If a site is deemed blocked, it can be challenging to have it unblocked again. If you're seeking a solution to unblock your domain or website in China, here's the golden rule: obtain a new domain within China, such as a .CN domain or .COM.CN domain, and ensure compliance with Chinese laws. Find out more about making your site compliant in China here.